Customer Utility Service Bill Payment Policy

Customer bills will be mailed on the last business day of each month. Payment for the bills is due when the bills are mailed. The Postal Service delivers the customer bills therefore the Commission has no control over any customer receipt of the bills. The bill will be the only written notice customers will receive regarding their amounts owed for utility services provided by the Commission. Any customer payment not received in the billing office of the Commission by the 15th of the following month will have a 25% penalty added to the full unpaid balance of those customers’ accounts.

On the day that said penalties are added to customer accounts the Billing Department Staff of the Commission will begin making courtesy telephone calls to all customers who have not paid their bills in full by the 15th. These calls will inform these customers that their utility services will be subject to interruption (meter locked or removed) if their bills are not paid in full within five (5) calendar days of the 15th.

If nonpayment of any customer bill results in a Commission employee traveling to the customer’s residence to interrupt utility service said customer will be required to pay their bill in full plus a fee of $45.00 in order for the utility service to be restored. Furthermore, if the utility service of any customer has been interrupted for nonpayment the Commission cannot guarantee the utility service will be restored the same workday.

If for any reason customer bills are mailed after the last business day of any given month the payment period may be extended by the Commission by the same number of days the bills were mailed past the last business day of said month.

Online Bill Payment

Prestonsburg City's Utilities Commission is now offering customers the ability to pay their water bill online.  This option is new to our customers and is a very secure option to paying your water bill safely and securely.   Please register today for  this cost and time saving service.  Visit our online bill payment page for complete details.

 Toll Free Phone Payment

We also offer our customers 24/7 toll free phone payments.  To make a payment by phone, please call 1-855-282-7631.

Office Payment

The office hours of the Commission are Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM. In addition, the Commission has an after-hours drop box for customer payments. The drop box is located on the front of the Commission building at 2560 South Lake Drive in Prestonsburg. The Commission also accepts VISA, Master Card, and Discover Card payments either in person or by telephone. In addition, the Commission will assist any customer with setting up bank account draft method of payment for their utility service bill.

If any customer has any issue with a utility service bill please call (606) 886-6871 or come to the Commission office at 2560 South Lake Drive and ask for a Customer Service Representative.