Welcome to Prestonsburg City’s Utilities service area! We look forward to providing you with reliable, affordable and around-the-clock service.


Application For Service

Each prospective Customer desiring service shall be required to complete a Service Application before service will be supplied by the Utility. Each Customer will be required to show proper identification and social security number at the time of application and provide a valid physical address. If no address is available it can be obtained from Floyd County 911 office at (606) 886-0926, if location is in the city limits you may obtain an address at (606) 886-1010. Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. Deposits are required for service of rental property. Please see link for deposit fees. Deposits will be refunded to the Customer upon termination of service after any unpaid bills of Customers are paid in full.


Customers desiring service at locations where water, sewer and/or gas service is available and no point of delivery (i.e. water, sewer or gas tap) is established shall complete Service Application as outlined above, provide an approved State Plumbing Permit, and pay a Tap Fee. Please see link for rates. Line Extensions please contact our office. We will schedule an on site visit and determine the cost.


Sewer – Force Main or Gravity

Depending on the area your sewer tap is established, determines if the utility will be a force main or gravity. Force main system requires a pump to be installed. Please see link for information on a E-One pump.


Service Cancellation

Any Customer desiring to discontinue service for any reason must give notice of discontinuance in person, by writing, or by faxing. The Customer must give the Utility account numbers and other information. If such notice is not given, the Customer shall remain liable for all charges of services rendered.


Service Classification


Residential water, sewer and gas sales shall not be charged Kentucky State Sales Tax. This includes multiple meters that are used exclusively for residential use such as irrigation meters and garage meters.



Commercial properties and businesses are subject applicable Kentucky State Sales Tax. Churches are exempt from State Sales Tax, but must have a valid exemption certificate on file with the Utility before tax is removed. State and Local Government agencies are exempt from State Sales Tax.